Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Late Christmas wishes to whoever is reading now!Enjoyed myself thoroughly last week,probably the best after a long period of school work and personal issues. Received a small gift from aunt too, cannot be more grateful for all the good things in life. Family, friends, a roof over my head, good food and entertainment. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too^^

5 more days till school starts again, soooooo not looking forward and deadline for projects are due pretty soon, had not even started in 1 of it.Sigh, worst decision made and just add on to the list. Really prayed all will make it in time and presentation would go smoothly.

This week, spending time with mom,preparing for CNY and school stuffs. Come to think of it, I dwell a lot on my personal issues but refuse to take any action in making it right. Living in my own nightmare. Have to try changing right now,be more open minded and just set myself free from all things silly,stupid,miscellaneous matters. How I wish I can close my eyes right now and wake up somewhere that is more peaceful,filled with happiness only.

One more hope that 2012 would be better and everything will be fine.

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