Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shopping Delights

It has been a awful busy week but had lots of fun at the same time. So here's something to share~

Spend 2days shopping for Lunar New Year's clothes with YX.1st day was super tiring,head to Bugis for awhile and train to Somerset cos we thought F21 and Cotton On would have the stuff we want but we were so wrong,in the end bought nothing and we had a hard time finding our way out,which was a very silly thing and gotten ourselves to Scape. We were hopeful of seeing some flea market there but no. However gotten free KitKats^^

Next went to FEP, finally last stop for the day and finally bought some stuffs. Luckily did not travel in vain and really shouldn't wear heels while shopping. This should never be done again.

Love YX nude heels, and its the last pair for a absolute good price(:

The 2nd was much better, this time wear comfortable footwear and head to Bugis again.Spend a long time walking round and round.Got all our stuffs there!Did not spend over the budget of $100 which was awesome and here's our loots!Wonderful time searching here and there which turns out great!^^

Really love what I've done with my nails,so pretty no?Proud of myself,heh.

Gotten these 2 perfumes from the contests I've participated in, really gorgeous packaging and the scent for Cosmic Radiance by Britney Spears is the better one for me cos it's not too strong or bland. But the Lollipop Splash by Mariah Carey is too sweet for my liking,will use it sparingly. Nevertheless both are pretty cool products!Seriously thankful for winning this!:D

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