Friday, December 23, 2011

A&HF Birthday/Christmas Fun

Had a filling lunch with the girls,sadly Helina can't make it, but next time for sure!Spent time catching up,went from one place to the next.Novena-->Somerset-->Dhoby Ghaut. Finally gave A&HF their birthday presents after so long.Christmas exchange was tons of fun with them,everyone were happy with their presents I think,hehe.We should do this every year. Always,never fail to burst into laughter whenever with them. We simply just clicked so well after such years and cracked each other up so much.LOL. Hope it will continue to stay this way for a very very long time. Like people say, once you find your true friends, never let them go, something along that line I guess.Hehe^^

Major photos spam,um enjoy?Heh(:

This cute little girl just go ga-ga whenever she sees him,tsk tsk!Hehes^^

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