Friday, December 16, 2011

A Bit of Catching Up

MST finally has ended!Seem so hard to pass time while studying but when not time seem to pass like lightning speed.I didn't put in my best again for some subjects,careless mistakes here and there,sigh.Hope can still score well,keeping everything crossed.

So after MST ended, went to catch Already Famous with mum like at last!Can catch it before its gone.Really beautiful, innocent and sweet romance.Lovee that cute little boy,his cheeks are so chubby(:

No idea what was wrong with me today,kept doing things that were embarrassing. First,after movie ended,can't pushed the exit door cos I pushed the wrong end and everyone was waiting for me to open. Second, followed people that were in front of me ended up not sure which way to go or door to open which resulted feeling so stupid again when the door that is labelled something like 'Way Out To Cathay Lobby' is the door that should be used. Third is when buying herbal drink...the service really cannot make it.Argh,never mind not gonna lose anything anyway. But really what was happening to me today?! At least did bought some stuffs that ease my feeling of being stupid and had a great time with mum. Been like a month since I went out with her so...yeah.

Now that 2weeks break had started,there's so much to be done and really hope next year would be a better year if the world doesn't end.Heh.

Dad even bought a tablet sorta for me which I'm seriously grateful cos I could download games and play and do all sorts of stuff with it.They do use it play jackpot,hahas.

Today feels like a Saturday.Tomorrow maybe going out again~Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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