Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Little Things-Small Haul & Short Dinner Date

A short meet up with our friend,HY at Vivo, again.There's this Chinese restaurant beside Daiso that I've been wanting to try so we head there for dinner,the food is splendid,very much affordable, each only spent about $12 compared to all other places we've been,which we spent like so much more.5 dishes and 3 drinks,would definitely visit there with my parents if can,hee^^

After that walk around some places,talked and talked and talked,return home before midnight.Great catching up.Thanks for the awesome time!(:


Here are some stuffs bought during all the trips out, can't wait to try out my earpiece,better last me for along time.Heh.

This week had been busy going out and stuffs,guess everything reached its peak and now its time to settle back to alone time soon,organising my room,my thoughts.

Life as it is.

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