Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Little Things-Over The Week

Taking a slower pace now, job interview failed, first rejection, hahas. It's alright anyway, probably would just chill at home and watch tons of movies, exercise a bit.

Went to watch Timeless Love, thought from the preview it would turn out nice to watch but really gonna rate it 3/5.It was just meh.Story plot kinda draggy and boring although there's a meaning behind the movie and the actor, Aloysius if I'm not wrong is kinda cute and familiar...don't know where I've seen him act before.Hmm...

There was a lot of kids in the theatre, primary plus secondary students,lol.Kinda funny, like so old now.

Met a cute little girl in the library while searching for books, she show me what book she reading and pointing to it,smiling up at me(: Seriously so adorable and how one little smile by a stranger could really bring brighten up my day.Bliss~

The high point of this week is probably the food, had eaten so much tasty food like the crispy chicken wings, french fries, new instant noodles, fave cup corn, hearty breakfast of veggies and ham sandwich and mom's home cooked meals.Ah but mostly junk food-.- Oh well~

Oh ya, exam results were out too, it was surprising, really contented with it:D
Luckily I've done my best.Hehes.

Shall update again soon!^^

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