Friday, March 30, 2012

The Little Things- Hit 18 & Buffet!

We did a surprise for our lovely March babies at their respective homes with the "fake" and real presents. Their expressions was pretty epic.LOL. Hope they like and enjoy it!^^

Went to cycle after our lunch.Spent quite a period of time learning how to cycle, unable to get it cos I can't find my balance point so shall try again next time but our dear friend managed to grasp it and with her continuous determination she did it!So happy for her though it was kinda wobbly at times, she did it!Heh(:

1 Successful jump shot out of many failed ones,hahas.

Felt really happy when riding fast(technically its was YX who helped) and the speed causes wind to blow against my faces feel so good and exhilarating~ woo!

Came home with very tired and sore legs and bug bites but really felt nice to hang out again with those quirky friends of mine.Lucky to have them:,)


Shabu-Sushi buffet at Nex, love love the yummy food and company! Went to play at arcade after that, had tea time at Dessert Story and borrow more books to read!^^

Time passes real fast when with them, fab day out!(:

Now think I had a swollen ankle which I've no idea how I got it.Always the ever clumsy person.Sigh.

I wish the wind would carry my troubles and frustrations away...

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