Friday, January 15, 2010

3 Cheers & 3 Cheers For Camp!

Hihi!back from camp!Its was FUN FUN FUN!Awesome to th max!;DDD
Cept th washrooms which is like damn disgusting.yucks.Gonna miss th trainer(s) loads too. Especially Asyraf.Really a good trainer,giving us hints along th way,taught us cheers/songs,humourous guy.Hahas.Don't regret going for it.Had a really great time with th class in th end,guess we're somehow closer(:
Campfire was THE best!Every class/groups performed and it was fab!They group us using spongebob characters & we're Patrick Star!Lovee all th games/activities and stuff.Time was quite unorganized but overall still great;D
Done many teambuliding games,explorations etc.Guess i shouldn't elaborate much else it will turn into an essay alr & you'll get bored!Heh.Ms Kalidal is still cute as ever.LOL.Won th most consistent group too at camp,weets!(:Teachers also toook quite a lot of photos so if can,will upload them up.
All good things come to end no matter what.Absence just make th heart grows fonder.So true!
Start to miss those good'ol camp times.sigh...)':

Random:Photo from th ceremony thing.heh.I know i look like a retard.

Oh well~Least i'm home noooow!Cleanest place!(:
Really gonna miss those good times!Memorable Camp ever!(:

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