Friday, January 29, 2010

Messed Up

Many things happened at sch,good and bad.
Good:Passed my geog test and survived this week!(:
Bad: upset,running hot&cold,sch matters-shall not elaborate cos its not my say and stuffs.

Piling up homework,endless of tests.sigh.really hope time pass quicker,graduate from sch...
went to point with mum,finally bought my wedge!Kinda studded and lil strappy((: Thanks mommy!!hope could wear it often or smth.Hee,so in love with it! been damn long since i last wear heels/wedge,stop wearing around pri 3/4.All th way till now.heh.Gonna go shop for new year's clothes tmr and borrow more books to read.Fantasy is th only escape for me from reality.Get suck into th stories,in my nice lil world with no one else((:

Really have no idea what's happening to me,getting restless of stuffs.Wanna find someone to talk to but dunno who to turn to.Cos everything is not th same anymore.people change,trust in them change.gonna burst soon,but who to talk to?Am i behaving like a childish kid?I don't understand anything anymore.Speechless of wht to say.Wished i could just numb these feelings inside,rantings won't change anything,no matter wht.Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!Goin crazy inside!!!!!I need help...


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