Friday, January 08, 2010

2's a Company,3's a crowd.

Finally its Friday!Looking forward to weekends now!((;
Had a okay week.Visited Ngee Ann Poly ytd,its a huge place but didn't really make use of th time to get to know th courses.Just went to take goodie bag after a short vid on th poly.Pretty much crowded there.

Nothing exciting happened in sch cept for th time in Ms Kalidal and Mdm Zurina lessons.Both are damn good teachers.Being taught by them is really bliss although sometimes its er:o
Watching vids on YT this few days.There's this someone who looked soooo pretty,& soooo envy of her stuffs and probably her life.heh.

Having mood swings time & time again,which sucks big time, idea is it really PMS or am feeling this way becos of...shall not write here.think i'm overreacting again but seriously can't control th emotions.Think i'm seriously a jackass.

Anyone who sometimes felt like a 3rd party?As in you are doing stuffs but feel like it's not you who're doin it?Like you are looking at someone else doin like in tv?It feels vague and sometimes i really don't understand why.sigh.Nevermind.don't think anyone could get what i mean.but if you know,tell me how you feel.heh:/

I sooooo want tht Polaroid camera!:(

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