Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

1st post of th year!Definitely wouldn't missed out new resolutions for 2010(:

1.Study Hard & Score Well for O's/Tests/Exams[God please Bless me!]
2.Family/Friends stay happy & healthy[not really a resolution,more of hoping,heh]
3.Stop being a crybaby
4.Be braver facing problems/troubles/difficulties
5.Stop slacking off /procrastinating
6.Stop being a pain to ppl;mind my own business
7.Stop being jealous/envious of people's life[kinda impossible]
8.Cut down on on9-ing so much

think 8 for now,hope should be MUST aimed to do it all.Gonna try to stay strong for th year.How bout your resolutions?(:

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