Saturday, January 23, 2010


Had a busy & seriously hectic week.Could guess that th days ahead would get even tougher and more hectic.SSP after lessons,CCA & tons of homework,don't really have a lot of free time left cept on weekends?sigh.Anyway will try to managed/organized everything.

Had CCA carnival ytd,was fun in a way,but not really that enthusiastic.Heard get a lot of ppl?But no sure if they're gonna join or not.Hope they would,else everything would just crashed.Sec 1s really looked lil and damn cute,still like pri sch kids(;

Sorry for th lack of updates too,guess i won't be posting much with all these stuffs on my hand.
probably will try to post when i'm free...which is th weekends?(: Even my daily readers drop drastically,which is damn shitty can?): Oh well~i've got enough to worry about.Will post if i can,promise!lol.

Really..i've seen many hypocrites,including me,but sometimes i just can't stand it,doing things that you don't really like,getting to th good side of others.having troubles go to them,no troubles just dump them like a toy.Like seriously,get a life.& I just keep hanging on...i'm just like them,,i really Hate myself for doing this,screw it.No amount of sorrys would help at all.Only way is to stop doing it,tell th truth...perhaps waiting for th right time,only time will tell.

Shall end here...

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