Monday, April 20, 2009

E-Learning day today.
kinda useless to me.
Don't even know a heck about logarithms.
least completed everything that need to be done.
2 mre days till syf.
worried bout can't catching up with schoolwork.
just want th time to turn back,start afresh again.
grasp th concept all over again.
MYE coming soon,still lagging behind time.
no idea how am i goin to clean up my mess.
its harder than i thought it would be.
just like ,its easy to spend money but hard to earn it back,
sometimes ppl put on facades right?
i find it really interesting.

how ppl can change so fast and easily.
just like someone who said,its all in your mind.
its th mentality that makes you different from everyone.
so there's no one who is th same.
how ppl change...
so hard to find trueself.
how hard it takes to build up a self-esteem,
so likely to just crushed up easily.
it always take time to get back up again.
so easily said,so hard to get it done.
when everything just didn't go your way,
what would you do?
how will you react to it?

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