Sunday, April 12, 2009

moodless yet,again.
i really have no idea what's going on in my freaking mind,
but it has a life,its views on things.
i have no idea how to handle.
it led me to think of many stupid stuffs,
filled with ache and tears.'s like so lifeless now.
doing everything for th sake of everything.
it's lame,it's childish,it's matter-less.
yet it still weigh heavy and occupied my mind,my space.
freaking things.
really feel like screaming out loud,
blaming everything on everyone,
that happened to me.
can't seem to settle,
things start to stir again in my head.
once settled,
start all over again in a matter of seconds,minutes,hours,days,months,years.
if there was a 'delete' button in my mind,
i would just surely delete all th friggin' thoughts.
and those memories.
regretted doing such stuffs,which ended up better if not knowing at all.
thanks a bunch,how great it feel to be frozen by them.
just time & things just stop working in my mind.

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