Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hey Monday<3

went to temple,cos today is th day after ytd Qing Ming Jie.
waited kinda long for everyone to reached.
not done with maths hwk.
think i'm slacking much,gotta pull my socks up.
feel like i have wastes a lot of time doing useless stuff.
in th end?
seems like i gain nth much at all.
forget it,least this week only 4 days of sch.
A very Good Friday indeed.
lols,nth much to update.
mum gotten sick,rest well oh.
sometimes i think we shld count our blessings rather than things we doesn't have.
there's no perfection in everything at all.
that's what tht made th whole place feel kinda perfect?
contradicting myself.

anyway,mayb some get what i meant.
cos is what th different imperfections ppl hav,
then when we all are seen as one,perfect.
many things to clear,rethinking some things i hav in my mind;
gotta go.

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