Thursday, April 16, 2009

so much stuffs to complete,just so little time.
wth can.
syf coming soon,hope really can break th bronze award.
fun fair on sat.
surely not gonna enjoyed a lot.
no idea why,just have this feeling.
oh well~
hope time flies at a faster speed.
till th jun hols.
painted th shirt for fun fair.
really have no artistic gene in me.
just many nerd genes.
painted and touch up till it look so hideous.
no offence to yx,my fault and bad.
don't really like it at all,
shld have bring own brush and paint.
still too late anyway.
spilled th milk alr.
freaking pissed with somethings.
probably over-sensitive to things.
wish i had someone to talk to now.
that hopefully understand.
blame on my anti-socialness too,duh.
seems to have friends but like no friends.
anyone get what i mean?
not directly tht meaning of course.
but whatevs.
get it or nt,doesn't change th fact at all.
wtf,feel like giving up alr.
hope its over soon anyway.

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