Friday, July 22, 2011

Late Wish.

Hihi! So, after a failed plan that can't take place last last week, we celebrated SY Birthday a week later. Good thing it went smoothly and SY got a shocking surprise.Hees.

Went to Nex, the Tomato Cafe & Grill restaurant(something like this) for lunch. Could say their food are not bad and prices are at affordable rates too. Only, their customer service sort of poor but oh well,nothing is perfect. Lovin' pasta meals!FTW man!(:

Camera battery had to run out last minute even though the day before I checked is 50%. So all photos below credited to YX!

Not long later, surprise guests and cake came. You guys should have seen SY's face,haha really surprised. Hope she enjoyed it!

Chatted awhile and off in a futile search for formal wear.

However, today went to Tampines and finally found one,under budget but not really the type I wanted still bought for in case.It looks fine i think.Heh.Show y'all next time.

BTW, I created a poll on the right side below the nuffnang icon. So I wanna you guys to vote/do it kayy!!So i know what you guys wanna see next time and proof that my blog have/have no readers(kidding!).Go do now then continue reading!Hehe,BIG thank you!!:D

And now....................... pictures time!

Looking forward to tmr's homecoming inaugural dinner!(:

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