Wednesday, May 07, 2014


A short session of bracelet making with Sylvia, this girl seriously have talent and sooooo professional. I still have a long way to go heh heh. Anyway, thank you for inviting me over and sharing your materials with me! Hehes!(:

Went for a tour around the local universities, ok maybe only that 2 main ones to get a feel of the travelling journey and school environment. The least favourite part was getting bitten by mosquitoes. That aside, it was quite enjoyable and the area taken up by the universities no doubt were really huge.

A little cafe hopping trip to Canopy Cafe at Bishan Park for brunch. We tried few of their signature dishes of the cafe and yes they were very much tasty and fresh but nothing out of the ordinary.

Since grub was closed for that day (disappointed), we went to Backstage Cafe to try since SY was gonna collect her graduation gown around that area. They got some lunch promotion set meals for ladies so decided to try it out. Food was quite standard as well. Surprisingly the cafe was quite big so definitely a good space to chill and just talk about anything. (:

Some bonding time with the girls when we went to USS. Sat for most of the rides, and once again screaming hysterically on roller coaster rides. Never gets old. I wonder why people can just ride it as though they are just cruising through in a car and remain expressionless.

Its was a really warm day, perspiring all the way but had wonderful time with them nevertheless! Thank you girls!^^

Honestly dunno is it because I'm too picky or did not do my best to find a good job to work for this period of time which led to me lazing away at home while the rest of my friends are working hard. Plus all the days I have to block out makes it very inflexible. Only type of jobs I can take up is only those temporary promoting jobs or as service crews:/ Can I commit to those type of working environment? Over thinking everything makes it worse. Sigh.

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