Thursday, June 13, 2013


Now that MST ended, still got a long way to go, 2 weeks break is not enough:( So many things to do right now that my I am struggling to prioritise what to do. Feel so angst every time I wake up the next day and keep going back to those thoughts over and over and over again, ugh. I think I am going crazy.Help!!! Sem 3.1 is really going to be the death of me. Okay, let me clear my thoughts first, doing this repeatedly, my head is gonna burst.
So once MST ended, no doubt I felt happy for awhile because I could get a good rest and worry about the rest later. Had a good lunch and finally managed to buy all the necessities I need for myself^^

Tried this White Chocolate Cupcake with YX from Awfully Chocolate, a tad too creamy for me but the cupcake is goood!

On a Saturday, finally some family time and we went to watch Now You See Me, which was a pretty cool show, 4.3/5 because the magic tricks were awesome and story plot was so twisted. Ending was great but there were some parts I don't quite get it, hahas.
A chill out day with YX after her driving test, hope she won't be too upset and I really believe she will do better the next time. Jiayou YX!

Watched Epic to cheer her up, another great movie with a happy ending,hehes! Had our dinner at Olio Cafe, which the fried rice I had and hers was baked rice smelt so yummy and tasted delish.

Went back school a short while and that meeting really just add on to my worries.Sigh. I feel so lost and constraint by time. With so many things left undone, untouch I sincerely hope I will survive this semester and score well, last round to really push my GPA up. :/

Anyway had Ssikkek Korean BBQ at T1 with my girls, which was exciting cause I did not been there before and so hungry. There were lots of meats to grill and side dishes to go with our buffet. Nice experience and great day out with them!Hees(:

Its mid-week already, so here's hoping whatever I'm doing will be productive.

Have a good week ahead!

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