Saturday, June 22, 2013


Finally got to meet up with Fionnie and JX, had a great time as usual chatting and catching up with each other. We went to try Penang Culture for lunch, just nice they got this lunch promotion, so we each order a set meal and share the side dishes. Mostly it tastes yummy!Worth a try!^^

Below 3 photos credited to Fionnie!

JX and me did this for her and so glad she like it, hehes, handmade stuff always just have a special meaning and always when I feel down, one look at this type of things brings my mood up(:
In the end also did one for JX, totally had fun doing it!(:

Today, a short dinner date at DTF with SKYH, as usual talked about sec school days, laughed a lot and ate good food. Just realised nowadays meeting up with friends usually is just for a meal then talk awhile and go home, hahas. Probably would be a long term thing since in the future gotta work and all. Miss those school days where we can just play around and get into trouble for minor things. Heh.

Photo credit to HY!

Gonna keep up with term 2 starting next week, after this semester is really putting down one extremely heavy stone. Need to keep moving!

Take care everyone!

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