Sunday, May 03, 2009

recently was watching LoveComplex.
hees,so nice storyline,absolutely hilarious.
manga is still ongoing though,shall rea it next time.
so nicee!<3
so in love with it:D
many maths w/s haven't done yet.
just can't find th mood to go for 1 complete w/s.
& complete it at th end of th day.
really have to find back my study mode.

now half of me still wanna slack and play.
sigh.lols.ironic huh.
been a long way to get to here,now.
th much competitiveness & expectations.
really hard to live through it every single day,
thinking bout it more and more.
but,by hook or crude,
gotta,kick those thoughts out of my mind & focus.
try my best is all tht matter now.
heck caring those high stuffs.
just made me even worse.
may even have a breakdown someday if this keep going on in my mind.
my life,i do what i want with it.
as they say,you can't please everyone.
ah wells,end my post here(:

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