Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend break is over soon,
probably getting back results tmr.
really have a uneasy feeling for tmr.
it's driving me crazy.
can i just skip school tmr?
sigh,furthermore trigger becos of th 'nightmare'.
crappy shit.
Wish me luck yea.
will need as many as i can:X
hahas,so worried bout results.
still remember during pri sch days,
don't really care much bout my results,
won't cry over it.
but now,worry like overloaded.
guess would really cry if...
touch wood!
still,its reality.
what do ya expect?

recently watching Boys over Flowers.
super obsessed with it.
especially KHJ.
go figure. lols.
super drop-dead gorgeous.
talented wise too for God's sake.
kinda reaching perfection.
can't help falling heels over head for him.
God.really very cute la dey. <333
should catch it if you didn't,
though this storyline has alr been aired in Taiwan & Japanese types,
Korean is th best,nicer actors & actresses.
shall end for now,
God bless for tomorrow...

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