Friday, November 18, 2011

Still Surviving

Another week ended!Phew.Had crashed other lectures and finally get to go home earlier today.Heh. But so many research to be done for projects and need to revise for upcoming quizzes tests. Problem is I'm procrastinating too much to get it done now and happily wasting my time away watching movies dated back a few years ago, reading blogs and whatnots.

Anyway just to share one of the movies, if anyone is interested, I've watched A Walk to Remember.A really romantic and serious storyplot with the ending that is saddening. Mandy Moore and Shayne West played their characters really well though, they made a good couple(:

Been listening to christmas songs sitting in bus on my way to school, loveeee Justin Bieber's Mistletoe and Christmas Love!!So catchy and feeling all tingling inside cos Christmas coming!~~

Oh yeah, Breaking Dawn Part 1!!Already booked tickets on 29Nov to see it,omg soooo looking forward and excited!^^

December coming real soon and there's like so much to be done. Sure hope I'll be up for it.

A maybe-shopping day tomorrow with mummy(:

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