Sunday, November 13, 2011

You're The Apple of My Eye

School is getting more of my attention now but friends are not neglected!Heh. We went to Mad Jack to eat, food is quite alright but because of my bloating problem feeling kinda queasy:(

Anyway this was what we do while waiting for the food to come~~~

See the glitters?Hehe.

This girl love chilli a lot,hahas.
After lunch went for movie called You are the apple of my eye. Really nice story plot with unexpected ending. But kinda prepared for it, sigh. Rate it 4/5 stars(:
Went shopping awhile and eat dessert aftermath, yummy snow ice!^^

School tmr, so dislike morning lessons!!! Side note, can't wait for Breaking Dawn in 24Nov!!!(:


asingaporeanson said...

wow sister, those food makes me hungry!

Peggy said...

Hahas,I'm sure you can buy tasty food to eat at the area you're living in too^^