Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Little Things- Anticipating

First week of school was kinda messy,crashing lectures, buying lecture notes and textbooks, appealing for CDS and returning home late. Am thankful for the friends that company me this past week!^^

I am hoping tomorrow comes, class would be okay.Praying and hoping~~~

Went out with the girls for flea market at Singapore Flyer but there was nothing much there, though scenery is insanely gorgeous and took a few shots!(:

Tried Scape next, F21, New Look, MIYOC but we still end up with nothing,lol. Failed shopping trip really, and lost my camera cover somewhere,sigh:( No protection for the camera now. Nevertheless it's was nice catching up with them and reminiscing those secondary school memories,hahas.

On the bright side I did bought a few sale items from Jipaban, you girls could check it out too!The nice ones are running out fast.

4 more days till KIM HYUN JOONG FAN MEET!!! Hoping it come soon and time pass faster!!!<333333333

Oh yeah, just recently I think I'm starting to get interested in Big Bang's music. Hehes^^
T.O.P is also another pretty boy and love his candy floss hair:p

Catching Star Awards tonight!Gonna be exciting and get to see Chuan Yi!Woo~

Please let tomorrow be good!:/

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