Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Little Things-Vivo, KHJ, Titanic Exhibition!

Here's ending the last week of vacation with all these little happenings...

Decided to do another small shopping with mum at VivoCity on Monday, must say it had been too long since both of us got so much good deals and enjoy the trip there, hehes.Hope next time there will be more of all the good moments spent together!Thankful for all the nice things mum had done for me:')

Lazing at home with my Running Man episodes, really been loving all the funny hosts, so much fun and laughter, hahas!Recommend everyone to see!(:

On Friday hogged the computer early in the morning till 10am for Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting tickets, was praying hard there will be tickets left to buy, luckily there are still!Was freaking out when booking the tickets became successful, so over the moon and super excited to finally, after 1223456789 years, get to see him LIVE!Looking forward to 4 May!:D

Timetable was out on Thursday, sad that for all school days end late with break of 7 hours long in between.Ugh. Luckily 2 girls I know are of same class as me and here's hoping and praying still the rest would be nice and helpful classmates and tutors/lecturers. Feeling kinda excited on the other hand though, heh. Please let it be fine~

For today, YX suggested to see the Titanic Exhibition at the new ArtScience Museum, heard its ending this coming 30 Apr so impromptu meet up to go. Spent a long journey in MRT, reached MBS, find our way to buy the tickets(with stars some more hahas) and make our way there.Pleasant scenery everywhere and weather had been good!

The exhibition was really interesting, many well-preserved artifacts and love the part where there's a blanket of stars with a ocean-like effects as though we are on board the ship, so intense and  so pretty! There's also a 'iceberg' to touch too, lol, cold and with many fingers' holes. Oh and we found out the part whether we survived or not from the boarding pass we got and a gigantic board with list of survivors and those that didn't. Luckily we both did survive:')

Lunch at MBS, really $5 for a plate of mixed rice seems so expensive. Anyway after lunch went to walk around, crossing the Helix Bridge, played SPS on stairs took pics with the gorgeous scenery and sunny sky(: Enjoyable day spent and somehow today our legs seem to be slim, hahas:p

Find that we really can chat almost anything, even world's greatest mysteries that no answers can be found. Thankful to know a best friend like her!^^

And hhat marks the last day of my vacation and next semester starts tomorrow, time to get my mind into studies! Everyone jiayou!~

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