Friday, April 13, 2012

The Little Things- The Vow,ChompChomp, Birthday

1 more week left before Year 2 officially starts with a whole new class again.I'm kinda looking forward to it now though, cos holidays just make me soooooo awfully lazy and just practically do nothing. When semester starts, the whole rushing with modules and tests and exams start over again.Doesn't sound tempting either. Anyway contradicting myself aside, next vacation MUST find job to do!~

Spend Tuesday with dear mom and grandma, bringing her to try Pepper Lunch. Seems like I've eaten tons of time, but it was refreshing for Gran so I'm happy with that(:
Seeing her enjoying the food makes me feel that life like this with just simple things to feel contented with is really blissful.

Wednesday a short lunch-dinner with JX, just a simple day nicely spent too!

Thursday met up with the girls again for a movie, The Vow.

I swear we are like a group of blur queens wandering around, not sure where to go, ticketing line was so freaking long, though another counter opened doesn't really helped with the waiting time.*Face-palms*

Movie was quite okay, a little draggy at the start and boring, not much of climax and ending was expected I guess though they didn't say the relationship the female lead have with her family is it getting better.Rating 3.5/5.At least the real couple did live happily now with 2 kids which is so great:)

Late evening went to ChompChomp for dinner, love love the stingray,lala and claypot tofu!Insanely tasty and shiok!Hehes^^
Sugarcane drink!
Oyster Omelette and Carrot Cake!
Claypot Tofu!
Lala! Not sure what's the food called in English, heh:s
BBQ Chicken!Most of it already taken by us to eat cos we're mad hungry which explained the pic.

Had a fulling meal of course and took the bus that went the wrong direction, funny how after we eaten so much gotten too "high" and tired. But kill time on the bus with laughter, hahas^^

So KHJ Mini Concert Tickets will be selling next week, sure hope got to buy the tickets and finally see him in person.Am really hoping this time it will come true.God bless!:'(

Mom's birthday, celebrated with delicious food again,yumyum!!

Ate till we're all so bloated, never a good thing but food was just too yummy,hehe;)

Have a good week ahead!~

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